Bojack Crossing


About the designer:

This design is a crossover between Animal Crossing a game by Nintendo, and Bojack Horseman, a series by Netflix. We set off from a Bojack’s quote: “I feel like my life is just a series of unrelated wacky adventures” and imagined him in his non-sense life, as one of the animal neighbours of Animal Crossing. We depicted him in the cute way of the game, with his luxury house after one of his legendary parties, when he’s alone with himself all surrounded by empty beer bottles. We can see a big amount of Bell bags under his house, because he has so much money. Also a fossil od dinosaur and one of those traps that make you fall into a hole when you step on them. In his bedroom window there is a giroid, also a reference for Animal Crossing, as the balloon with the gift floating over his head or the bag of medicines by his side.

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