21 Jul 2013


by Donnie

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About the designer:

Donnie, 27 years old designer from France. Visit him on his website, like him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, buy his art on Redbubble!

Tell us something about this design.

I love the relationship with Kenny’s death, I wanted to do something on this relationship. This is not my first drawing on the subject anyway ;)

Who is and where does Donnie come from?

I am from Toulouse, France. I’ve been drawing for a long time mostly for fun, I am inspired by the “geek” culture, film, TV series ….

How long have you been in the t-shirt world?

I started to participate in the t-shirts contests a little more than one year ago.

What would you suggest to an aspiring t-shirt designer?

I do not know if I have the level to teach something to new designers, but I think you have to keep drawing what you like. And especially to pay attention to critics, if they are constructive. Do not be discouraged ;)

What’s a day in the life of Donnie like?

A day with video games, chocolate, series or music and a lot of drawings ;)

Mac or PC?


Post-apocalyptic world. No trace of human race. It happens that you’ve survived and managed to save…

3 tv-series: The OC, The Walking Dead, Californication

3 movies: Donnie Darko, American Beauty, Fight Club

3 videogames: Zelda : Link’s awakning, Final fantasy 7, Secret of Mana

3 cds: Bob Dylan, Oasis, Sigur Ros

3 books: American psycho, Brett Easton Ellis; Rules of attraction, Brett Easton Ellis; L’amour dure Trois ans, beigbeder

One t-shirt: An eatable one in case the food is hard to find;)

You are the governor of the world. What’s the first thing you would do?

Adopt a Koala

You’ve just won a DeLorean time machine. Which historic period/time/moment would you like to visit?

May 1968 ;)

Say whatever you want to the Tee Tee community!!

Thank you for TeeTee and and thank you to everyone who voted for my drawings and supporting me. ;)

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