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This is Halloween

by coconutman

Dancing Forces

by Harantula

Evocation of Shenron

by Taki93

Mingo Art

by Genesis993

Child of the Wolves

by Kryokyma

Save Kodamas

by Le.duc

Creepy Dogs

by ManuelDA

Take This

by paulio

Forest Spirit

by Letter-Q

This is not even our final form

by MortinfamiART

The Elric Brothers

by xXjakXx

Time and Space

by Dr.Monekers

Weeping Angel

by ButnyesDesign

Hallowed Descent

by Phillymar

Totoro’s Nightmare

by pierpaolo.capezzera

Jack in the night


Ghost Lord

by Firebeard

Monster from Outerspace

by Piercek25


by Donnie

Soul Eater

by Vallina84


by Firebeard

Majora’s lines

by Gabu-gabu

I am Jack

by Dr.Monekers

Poke Moon

by tbs.fnsc

Food for Gold

by Phillymar

Hoenn Trainer

by Ruwah


by Di.Jay

Burtruvian Man

by Warbucks360

The good, the bad and the burrito.

by chamelleon time

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Wall-Sy 02/10/2015 @ 18:03

Se qualcuno vuole scambiare la sua maglietta di taglia M io gli offro la mia di taglia S. Ho sbagliato a prenderla e mi piace troppo questo design :'(