Tee Tee comes to life at the end of 2010 in M's head, and becomes a reality at the beginning of 2012 thanks to the arrival of A.

In mid may 2013, the first tee ever.

Basically, we print t-shirts. Superhypermega limited edition, at the cost of 12 euros. You have exactly 2 days to make it yours, and if you miss it, it will ascend to the Sanctuary, never to resurrect. Or at least...

Actually, there’s a lot more

A swarming community that chooses which design we’ll print, a team of artists coming from any single corner of the world ready to show their great attitude, a young and dynamic staff reaaaally eager to play the game and give life to something never seen before.

Well, this is what we are

Now that you know it, isn’t it about time you check what it is, what has been, and what will be since you’re there?? You are late to change the past and the present, but you can change the future.