Privacy Policy

In the social network, geotagging and whoknowswhatelsewillbecreated era, to talk about privacy could result a little obsolete. Here at Tee Tee, anyway, we take the matter really seriously.

Your personal details will never be given, exchanged or sold to anyone who isn’t part of our project. We hate spam and the commerce of sensible details as much as you do.

Nevertheless, we will have to give your details to someone.

We’re talking about Paypal, the leader platform for what concerns the virtual payments, and Poste Italiane.

They need your details to let you pay for your t-shirt and to send it to you.

One last thing: we will never force your subscription to our newsletter service.

If you will subscribe we will be more than happy to keep you updated about what we do, but if you don’t, you won’t receive anything.

During our virtual lives we sometimes have been forced to receive undesired newsletter, and it’s not been great.

We try to behave consequently.

All in all, we’re trying to say that we will be good!