So you decided to submit a design. Yeah! Before you do that, anyway, read these lines below.


What you get

If your design goes on sale, basically, 1 euro for every t-shirt sold. 50 tees are 50 euros, 100 100 euros and so on. Pretty easy.

We suppose you would like to see how we work: great! We will be happy to send you a free tee.

You will even be displayed on our homepage for 48 hours (and you’ll have to answer some little questions, just a little interview), so that people who didn’t know you will now have a chance to do it.


Please upload only designs that are available to print, in case we decide we want to.

Tee Tee designs are limited to 5 colours, NOT including the tee colour. This means you can use 6.

Don’t submit over prints, we’re not able to do them. Please stick to spot-color designs.

Maximum print size is 28 x 38 cm (11 x 15 inches).

Please use only the t-shirt colours available, see our colour guide file.

Here you can find our detailed guidelines, important!!!

The preview file (what people will see in the Vote section) has to be a jpeg, must be 1024 x 1024 pixels and file size has to be max 1 Mb.

If your design will go in the Vote section you’ll see it poppin’ up there, while if it goes on sale we will contact you to get the print files.

Contest & copyright

You can submit designs up for voting or on sale on other websites, but only if this doesn’t break any prior agreement or contract. If you can’t do it, don’t do it.

You will retain full rights to your design and will always be free to do whatever you want with it.

Ok?! Well, it’s time to submit your file! Prepare it using our mockup kit. If it will be fine for the Vote section, we will contact you via e-mail. Since then it will be up to you to get the greatest number of votes you can.

Good luck!