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If you’re here, it means you want to do something with us. And, basically, that we want to do something with you too :D

Who we are

Tee Tee is the greatest italian t-shirt community and one of the biggest in the entire world.
Every day we offer one new t-shirt (sometimes two), that means 365 tees a year (at least). Huge yeah?! You can find them on our homepage for 12€ | 24 hours, then they ascend to the Sanctuary never (…ish :P ) to return.

Affiliation program

Ever heard of affiliate marketing?! Well, it’s something rather easy.
Essentially, becoming one of our affiliates you’ll receive a customized URL ( you’ll be able to share on your social channels/web sites/very-very-very-oh-so-very-followed blog or wherever you want. Whoever comes to us through your page (after clicking on your URL) will be traced, and you’ll have an income for every article he/she buys.
That’s it!


How much can I earn?

Hard to tell, but considering we have a fantastic ( :D ) new t-shirt every two days, if the themes discussed on your page/website/blog/whatsoevermatchwith our themes, then the odds of pretty good incomes are high.
5% is the minimum income for a t-shirt.

When and how will I be paid?

You’ll be able to track every single transaction you’ll generate simply by logging in on Tee Tee. Checking your profile page you’ll be able to see how many people clicked on your URL, how many of them visited Tee Tee and how many of them ordered something. In every moment you’ll also be able to view your current balance and check how much you’ve earned.

The minimum payout (we pay once a month) is 50€ – which means that if your balance is under 50€ we won’t be able to deliver you anything.

What will be my tools?

Everything is strictly connected to how many efforts (baaaad word, we convene) you’ll be willing to make. Obviously you’ll have by your side an excellent set of tools.
Widgets or dynamic banners (any size, you choose) will be available to be installed on your website. Everyday they’ll be updated to show to your community what’s new on Tee Tee. You may see ‘em right in this page! :D

Any contraindication?

Basically there’s none. Just one suggestion: don’t try to fool us buying via your url. We’ll catch you (you know it) and ban you :D

Let's do it!!!

Are you sure?! Agreed! Do you really want to help us grow? Well... Thank you! No, really, thank you very much.
Now fill in the form you find here below and we’ll be glad to consider your proposal.
Let's go!!!