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I am a design student from Germany working as a freelance Illustrator, graphic designer and photographer.


Fun With Flags

by Rookie

Paradise Calls

by Rookie

Hello Grumpy

by Rookie

Iron Ally

by Rookie

Surfing Before Christmas

by Rookie

Faun’s Nouveau

by Rookie

All I Got

by Rookie

Top Spin

by Rookie

Printed on TeeTee

The Dark Sight

by Rookie


by Rookie


Faun’s Nouveau 13/09/2013 @ 16:41

Thanks guys! Visit me on facebook to see this design step by step:

Strawmones 14/07/2013 @ 15:28

The Ramones + One Piece ;)

The Dark Sight 29/06/2013 @ 11:58

Always had this Dark Knight wallpaper in mindfor months and agonized about how I could make a parody out of it and then a few days ago it hit me.

Iron Ally 23/05/2013 @ 20:08

:D you could think so yes. But i kept the color palette to show the exact number of colors cause there also exists a version with 5 colors ;)

Archaeology Time 14/05/2013 @ 10:51

voted for this on qwertee too and was so sad that it hasnt been chosen. Hopefully it will be printed here!